Your Customised YOGA Program


We want this journey to be the most wonderful experience for you! 🥰❤️✨✨

You are unique in both, mind and body. We know this and honor it by bringing you a customised yoga practice. Yoga was traditionally taught in a one-on-one manner over hundreds of years, because in this way it works around your particular characteristics and needs. We will give you the most optimal and efficient way to get your body in the right alignment for you energy to flow with ease and your mind to reach peace. As you progress at your own pace, you will be introduced to many unique techniques. It is the safest and most optimal way for you to practice and get the best outcome!

We can't wait to get started with you! 🤩


This program is for you if any of these applies to you:

  • You dislike group sessions.

  • You have had some injuries that require directed guidance.

  • You want higher-quality guidance with suitable variations and adjustments.

  • You want to dive deeper into what yoga really is.

  • You want a progressive practice that safely and surely gets you into a steady state of peace while transforming your body and your life.

  • You want all the attention to yourself so that nothing is overlooked.

  • You want to be free from your own limitations.

Additionally, we do have group sessions that are intended to support your individual practice. Anyone can join them!!! They are still special, and a little different than typical western classes.

How do the sessions work?

We can't wait to get started with you! 🤩 Yay!!  ❤️


We want to know about you and what's happening in your life in order to design 😉🤓your super awesome customised program and serve you best! An initial free assessment call is the way to get you started.

There are a few asanas which once mastered will make your energies flow efficiently in your body. Your program will be directed to get you into these in the fastest way, by targeting your blockages and current conditions. Once there, you are ready for more powerful practices that are more subtle in essence but more transformational as they work at the subtle energy level.  

Your program will evolve with time into a practice based on the essential asanas which you can maintain for life to keep your energies flowing properly. There is always more for the mind or the body, for those who need more depending on their own qualities. More asanas are not necessary to experience the power of yoga.

Our program includes an excellent nutritional system design to support your mind and body, helping you sleep better, release stress, detox your body, reach your weight goals, providing you with high levels of energy, and supporting clarity of mind to get you better prepared to overcome life daily challenges.

If this rings a bell then BOOK NOW 👇🏻 your 30 min inquiry call and we'll take it from there.