About YogaSutra


Catalina, our Colombian founder, has always had a passion and interest in the body and mind, metaphysics and philosophy, science and art, and how these allow us to discover our Universe.


She found that true yoga merges all these aspects when she first started yoga at 17 years old, practicing authentic Sivananda Yoga very intensely.


With an understanding of energy ✨and yoga 🧘🏼, Catalina can really guide you to align and optimise the way energy flows in your body for maximum well-being. This way she can transform it into the most optimal and enhanced tool for your evolution 🤩👌🏻.


Physical well-being is just half of the benefits that yoga brings you.

For the last decade, Catalina has been learning, practicing, and studying yoga styles and other practices including Hatha Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa, Hatha), Kriya Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Taoism, Tantra, Buddhism, Contemporary Dance, Capoeria, and more.


"It was through yoga and meditation that I could find freedom from deep suffering…. and I now live in steady peace regardless of what is going on."


She kept being asked to teach, and at the end of 2019, she was ready to set up her own practice and share her learnings.


Our Practice

Our practice focuses on helping you deal with suffering, progressively transforming your body and mind. Whether it’s the body, the mind or the heart, we can help ❤️ and really do tailor a yoga approach to your specific needs 🥰.


Some people need a more physical approach, some are ready for more subtle practices. Working together we will find what suits you best 👌🏻🤓🤩.

Suffering is created by unwanted thoughts 🤯that induce feelings. We often only notice the feeling remaining unaware of the underlying thought. From a little argument roaming in our heads, to stress for a presentation, to an addiction to food, or to someone, any thought that tangles your mind creates suffering regardless of what it is.

  • Unwanted thoughts can range from mild to extremely painful. The first type can become the seeds for the second type. 

  • Thoughts create the reality we experience. Therefore, what we experience NOW is the result of our previous and more regular thoughts because they drive our decisions and actions. 

  • We can train our minds to not perpetuate suffering until it becomes our experience that we are not our minds. This can't be understood intellectually, it must be experienced through a process of transformation.

  • We must not feed our minds with what we see in the now but rather feed our minds with positive and constructive guidance about what we want.


YogaSutra Sessions

At YogaSutra we understand that everyone has unique qualities of mind and of body, therefore, not all practices suit all practitioners 🤓. Our approach combines the physical and philosophical aspects of Hatha and Ashtanga (Raja) Yoga, merging elements of other yogic paths that work at subtle levels. Once your body is ready and optimised the postures become secondary and more for maintenance.

Our classes are a combination of techniques, that will take you to a whole new level of experience beyond the physical 🤩.  


Your main sessions are one-on-one so that we can tailor your practice to work on your needs. These will continue to evolve as you progress. We also have online group sessions and outdoor in-person sessions, which are supportive of your customised practice.

Yoga Sutra will help you become free from suffering and heighten your wellbeing at all levels of life. Your body, more supple and lighter will become a tool for transformation and no longer a burden.

Learn to feel, discover, connect, and sense your true Self.


Learn to simply BE in true contentment.​


You have a choice, the power to choose consciously and rewrite your thoughts. Happiness is a choice, true happiness is free from conditions.

Yoga is a spiritual practice meant to free you from your fears and from the limitations of your personality. For it is only us standing in our own way, but we erroneously think it is all the external things.