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Aikyam Yoga
Your Journey Within

It is your journey to Consciousness, the energy that is the core of who you are.

Age better, joyfully, and with the least medications possible.

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Aikyam Yoga Membership

Aikyam means oneness. It trains the mind into stillness while optimising health.

3 days of commitment ensures the progressive nature of the practice.

Aikyam Hatha, Aikyam Ashtanga, and Aikyam Yin.

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Meditation for Wild Crazy Minds 2024

6 week course (1h/week)


Starts 19 Feb

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Your investment of $200 in your mental and emotional health.


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We have unique circumstances and qualities of mind, and sometimes need individual guidance.

That’s why in our yoga centre in Alexandria, we give you the opportunity to learn real yoga for health from an experienced yoga teacher.

Below are the programs that deal with the mind and your personality.


A 7-week program to shift your identity and reprogram your self-image and behaviour


A 9-week course to learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind to create a joyful life


Re-awakening intimacy, a course for married men who want to reactivate their partner's sexual energy


Sessions for new-mums, with tips on how to make it the best experience of their life... and get your bud to SLEEP!




I have always been extremely curious with a burning desire to understand, know, and discover. This has been paired with an incredible dedication, a love to study, and stubborn discipline. Through studying and practising very thoroughly a variety of yoga styles and ancient traditions such as pure yoga, Kriya Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Taoism, Tantra, Buddhism, Dream Yoga, the Path of Natural Light, and more, I got inspired to create the method Aikyam Yoga, as a response for the lack of depth in the current popular yoga practices taught in the west. Whether you are seeking yoga for health or yoga for pain, this is the ultimate tool that can help you access the natural healing power within. Contact us now to learn more about our online yoga courses and spiritual meditation in Alexandria.


Our membership in Aikyam Yoga in Kensington requires a commitment of at least three days to experience its marvellous effects. It is a system designed to optimise your nervous system, maximise your bodily functions, develop healthy mobility, flexibility and strength, slow your ageing rate, slow down your breath, and grow old with the least amount of medicines, if any. Parallel to this, you are guided into training your mind into stillness, so that you start to experience the state behind your mind, your true essence. Here is where freedom from suffering is possible where you live in steady peace regardless of what is going on.


These programs are adapted to your unique qualities of mind, body, and unique life circumstances. We are all unique and sometimes we need individual guidance to move past challenges or past tendencies we don't seem to be able to let go. Join our personalised programs at our yoga centre in Alexandria today.


"Meditation for Wild, Crazy Minds", is a great start to understanding the mind, learning to meditate, and getting some exposure to a variety of spiritual meditation methods available. You get support throughout the course and all the material is yours to keep, including videos, and e-guides.

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Yoga is the union between the self and the Universe. Is realising through experience that consciousness is all there is. This experience is known as liberation, known as Self-Realisation. Most of us may not get there in this life, but we can experience glimpses of it which bring immense peace and tranquillity to our lives. Striving for stillness in our minds is a way to open a window to let the light of consciousness shine into our lives. We become free, living life without drama, with peace, ease, and love. To practice pure yoga for pain, join a program at our yoga center in Alexandria.

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I am Catalina, and I have always had a passion and interest in the body, the mind, consciousness, science, philosophy, yoga, all ancient traditions, metaphysics, and art, and how all these allow us to discover our Universe and understand our reality.


When I first started yoga at 17 years of age, I found that true yoga merges all these aspects of life while practising authentic Sivananda Yoga intensely. I started to transform!


With a deep understanding of the mind, subtle energy, yoga styles, and ancient traditions, I created Aikyam Yoga, the yoga of Oneness. I guide you into a practice that optimises your body for maximum well-being while training your mind into stillness to help you transcend the beyond. This way your ageing process slows down, and you develop mobility, strength, flexibility, a powerful mind, a joyful attitude, and a reduced or dissolved fear of death.

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All our products are made of natural materials, eco-friendly and locally sourced.

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Client Testimonials

Valeria for YogaSutra Video Testimonials

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Speaker: VAleria, Community engagement specialist, Services Australia


How has Catalina helped you?

VAleria: I started taking Catalina's classes about a year ago, maybe even a little bit longer. Uh, prior to that I've been doing yoga for 20 years, but only since, um, Catalina's classes, I started to understand a lot of things which, uh, I was just imitating my teacher but didn't quite understand why they've been done. Catalina's instructions are wonderful and she pays attention to a lot of details.


How would you describe Catalina in three words?

VAleria: Best yoga teacher.


Why is Catalina's teaching different from other teachers?

VAleria: Um, Catalina is very thorough, very patient and she understands our personal abilities and limitations.

  • Why is it important to start my own practice?
    Because your attention will be completely directed within, and this makes a huge difference. In group sessions, when you learn yoga, a great part of your attention is diverted into following the teacher, listening to the cues and even perhaps getting distracted with other people around you. If the sequencing changes continuously then most of your attention is external. It is when your attention is within that the experience of real yoga can take place. Having the support of a teacher is fundamental, but it is just that, support and guidance, so that you fine-tune your practice and evolve through it, with proper alignment etc. But at some point, you should transition to be independent, with your home practice the main one and the group sessions or private sessions for guidance, support, and progress.
  • I get bored when it is not a flowing sequence. I dislike holding the postures. Why?
    Boredom is a state of the mind that lingers in the past or in the future. Basically, you are expecting things, aka the present moment, to be something other than what it is, usually based on a memory of past experiences or an expectation in the future, the desire for something to happen. This impedes you to be present and find contentment in what you are living in the moment. By allowing this you shut yourself from experiencing what the present moment is bringing to you. In yoga classes, the main idea is to use our bodies to train our mind. But when you are continuously following a led sequence, as in vinyasa classes, there is little room to train your mind through conscious will. Your mind has just been led. You get the feeling of relaxation because to pay attention you have to stop overthinking, but after the class is over how long does that effect last? Did it persist when you had a challenging situation? The mind needs to be controlled by conscious action in order to be trained. Therefore, boredom is just a lack of mind control and an inability to appreciate and/or sit consciously with what life gives you regardless of likes and dislikes. This is contentment. Challenging situations are difficult and we wish not to be there, we avoid being present and thus, create and prolong our suffering. However, for a mind that is controlled, there is no boredom, there is no suffering. Now, when you learn yoga, repetition is fundamental, not only is it good for your body but fundamental for training your mind. It allows the mind to become meditative and with time, you'll find that there is flow even when externally it may not seem like it. It is the flow of the present moment, where your full attention is within.
  • It does not feel good. I like that vinyasa makes me feel good.
    Yoga was never meant to be an easy thing. In fact, it is meant to get you into discomfort so that you get the opportunity to train your mind. It is in discomfort that we grow. When we learn to sit and breathe in discomfort, we begin to detach from the pain of suffering. We become the witness, that who observes without judging good or bad, pleasure or pain, like or dislike etc. When this becomes a habit, you take that skill with you throughout your everyday life and you find yourself going through challenging situations with a sense of equanimity and serenity you never thought possible. This happened through repeated action of facing discomfort with grace, right effort and full awareness. Additionally, feeling good is not the best indication that something is the best. You can get into bad habits of posture that feel good only because your muscles are weak, and when you get into the proper posture it is uncomfortable. An example is seating with your spine straight. If they are not usually straight, you'll find it difficult and uncomfortable to do so. Contact us now to learn yoga in Kensington.

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