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what is it?

A method to develop quietude and presence, both in movement and stillness. It brings jnana yoga to the practice of postures,  helping you touch Consciousness.


means Oneness

It directs you to experience your inner being. One day you'll experience a greater aspect of life, the magnificent state of oneness. The postures are tools, progressive, yet secondary.


The Movement

Aikyam brings yoga back to the truth, a method to disidentify with your body and mind. As you touch deeper dimensions of Self, your life is profoundly transformed and your health greatly enhanced.


The Teacher

Catalina, an expert teacher, yogi, and former scientist with a PhD in Medicine, has the vision to collect scientific evidence of optimised health and make Aikyam accessible through the health system for the benefit of all. 

Opening offer! 
$40/week, unlimited

For the first month, then $55.

Cancel anytime
Drop-in classes $25

Be one of the first to start Aikyam Yoga.

Age as you never imagined you could!

With greater vitality, healthier, happier, and

with little to no need for medications!

See you on Saturday 15th,
come anytime from 4 pm

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