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Mysore-Style Hatha Yoga

We have started! YAY!!!!!

Our summer season is over and will recommence on October

What is it?

How do I practice?

Why is it good?

What is it?

It is a pure and real Hatha Yoga class taught individually within a group setting, much as the way the Ashtanga Vinyasa Method is taught. It is not a fusion class,

This class brings the elements of an individual practice that is PROGRESSIVE, SAFE, and adapted to your body and mind. This way of learning helps you progress continuously at your own pace, and truly dive within. 

As you do your own guided individual Hatha Yoga practice you will be surrounded by people doing their own thing according to their own qualities of mind and body. This is what is understood by Mysore-Style. The name "Mysore" is the name of the Indian city where the Ashtanga Vinyasa Method originated.

Why is it good?

It takes your practice to a depth you will hardly reach in group classes. During group classes, your attention is split, half of it or more is externally oriented and therefore half of your energy is not within, where it should.


This happens because you are following the teacher's instructions, looking and listening to him/her/they. Since everybody is doing the same thing it is also easier to get distracted or to do useless comparisons that block your progress, or do something for which you are not ready and end up injured or frustrated.


In addition, not all asanas or variations are suitable for everyone at a given time. Students can easily get into habits of misalignment that are not beneficial because the teacher hardly has time to go around everyone to make the proper adjustments to the uniqueness of each body.

Having your own practice ensures you go at your own pace in a safe way, with variations that are suitable for you and that keep evolving until you master a particular asana. It provides the benefits of a private session in a group setting.

This does not mean you have to quit other classes. However, you will quickly find that this method is more powerful in the way it starts to positively transform your body, your mind and your life.


How do I practice?

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 7.42.16 am.png

You will be given a sequence to start with and its length will depend on your body and mind qualities. You are to memorise it so that you can practice on your own, and get to start your home practice (highly recommended).


You will progressively advance, with more asanas added as you evolve through the sequence. Once you are ready, you will transition to the series that follows.

Different from the Ashtanga Method, here certain people will be able to start subtle practices from the beginning if their mind is ready.

Three key elements are the general basis of this practice: Repetition, Intention and Awareness.

Repetition is fundamental to rewrite your patterns, to establish change and for your body/mind to transform. 


Intention refers to the ideal of the posture or technique in its full depth, therefore you have present where you are going, even when you must let go of attaining it as you practice. Basically, you keep the perfect posture in mind as if you were there and you keep doing what you are meant to do internally so that you remain in the now. This way attention involves both the body and the mind.


Awareness is that part of you that witnesses everything and is super powerful; it is basically your real Self not tangled in your mind. Your awareness appears where you are deeply attentive. With awareness you are fully present during the practice, placing high attention to the details of each posture until it becomes wholesome rather than bits and pieces of your body placed together. As you do this, you also train your mind.

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