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This is a very important question. You see, often people do not notice they do suffer. Yet, they are experiencing its consequences on a daily basis. Resteless sleep, tiredness that is not overcomed by eating more or with more sleep, low levels of energy, feeling of heaviness in the body, mental exhaustion, stress, overthinking mind, being on a rush all the time, easily getting sick with colds, irritability, frustration, feeling the victim, etc. Any, or all of these.

Suffering results from unwanted thoughts 🤯 created by our minds 🧠. A thought creates a feeling. We often only notice the feeling remaining unaware of the underlying thought. From a little argument that remains roaming in our heads, to stress for a presentation, to an addiction to food, or to someone, any thought that tangles your mind creates suffering regardless of what it is. It can be coming from pain or from pleasure. It is easier to deal with it when it comes from pain, since pain is something we at least want to get rid of.

Unwanted thoughts can range from mild to extremely painful and scary. The first type can become the seeds for the second type. 

Thoughts create the reality we experience. Therefore, what we experience NOW is the result of our previous and more regular thoughts because they drive our decisions and actions. 

We can train our minds to not perpetuate suffering until it becomes our experience that we are not our minds. Our mind is a powerful tool that is meant to serve us. This can't be understood intellectually, it must be experienced through a process of transformation.

We must not feed our minds with what we see in the now but rather feed our minds with positive and constructive guidance about what we want, but this requires control.

There are conscious and unconscious thoughts which create suffering. Thoughts themselves are impermanent and not good nor bad. It is the meaning we allocate to each and how entagled we get to these what creates suffering or discomfort.

Dropping any type of self-judgment will start to free you of a big deal of weight you have been carrying around... how to do that? let's get started!

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