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This is Shakti Salad

Like the Goddess Salad, this is a stand-alone dish, that is nutritious, delicious, super fresh to the palate and has a lot of flavours. Easy to make as well. See under the photo for the recipe's details.


1 cup of cooked Freekeh

1 cup of cooked French lentils (which do not need soaking, and allow them do dry a bit)

1 cup of cooked black rice

1tbsp of hemp seeds

1tbsp of flaxseeds

1tbsp of chia seeds

1/2 of a bunch of mints, washed and torn with the fingers

1 mango, sliced in small pieces

3 to 4 strawberries, sliced in small pieces

1 golden kiwi, sliced in small pieces

1tsp of olive oil (this can be added to your own taste)


Mix the Freekeh, the lentils, the rice and the seeds together and mix well

Add the mint on top

Add the sliced fruit and the olive oil just before serving

Eat very happily!


If you are not vegan, you can add feta cheese that comes in olive oil with spices. In this case, do not add olive oil on its own, use only the one from the cheese.

If you are vegan you can use a cheese substitute.


  1. You can play with varying the fruit you like to add. Other yummy options are using blackberries and pomegranate, or plumb, or nectarine.

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