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Aikyam Yoga Membership & Personalised Courses

(Sessions are 1.5 hours long)
PLEASE choose 11th of March as starting date

Aikyam Yoga Membership

AUD 65


Cada semana

A powerful practice of movement which develops stillness within and slows down your ageing rate.

Válido hasta que se cancele
5 días de prueba gratuita

Aikyam Yin

Aikyam Hatha

Personalised 1:1 courses

Absolute Freedom Program

AUD 1.350


Become the creator of joy in your life, instead of pain. Master the power of your subconscious mind

Válido por 6 meses


AUD 1.050


Shift your personality. Are you lacking self-love, confidence, strength, self-worth, and acceptance?

Válido por 6 meses

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