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Yoga on Beach




I first came across yoga through a Hatha Yoga book when I was 8 yrs of age. I was fascinated by the peace that emanated from the yogis in impressive postures. This sense of peace was what got me.
It was until I was 17 that I began practising intensively in the Sivananda yoga tradition out of curiosity rather than of need. These were 2 to 3-hour classes! Nothing like the standard of these days.
I got to experience the transformational power of this beautiful sacred practice. I felt as if I was levitating, becoming lighter and lighter. The shala closed and I became a dancer. Years later I went through a dark phase, I never thought I could become whom I became. Our minds can become our worst enemies,
I sought "the yoga" I knew could help me. It took me a while but I found it, luckily I did and I went back to practice intensively. Then people started asking me to teach them and this awakened my desire to teach yoga and so I went on to do so. This is an endless path of continuous study and practice. I have been a teacher in many disciplines, I love sharing whatever knowledge and experience I have gathered.
My own sadhana or practice is the foundation of my life and of my teachings. Life is not going to be perfect because you are a yogi, but it does help you navigate the challenges of life with presence, awareness, and equanimity without getting too entangled in the creations of your own mind. As teachers, our own practice is the most important bit!

I strive to honor the sacred practice of yoga and guide you to experience That which is beyond our limited understanding of this universe and to feel from your inner being that there is much more to this life than what you can perceive now. 

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