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This astonishing sacred mat's design represents the sacred geometry that yoga poses aim to establish in our bodies for the energy to flow in its most optimal way. At the center is the heart of the Sri Yantra, a sacred symbol representing the balance between female and male energies/qualities, yin and yang, creation and destruction, the manifested and unmanifested.


The seed of life is the sacred geometry symbol that goes beyond the mat, a reminder that the practice of yoga is meant to go beyond the mat into your life, becuase yoga is a way of living. A way of living in harmomny with yourself and others, as you discover your true nature.


The figures and lines help you guide your body to position yourself symmetrically as you progress into the alignment of the poses. The triangle represents the perfect shape, with the three aspects of the mind, the three aspects of reality, and in the centre represented by a sun is the awareness, who we truly are.





It is made from microfiber suede, soft and smoothe to the touch. This material absorbs moisture and gets grippier as you sweat, making it the perfect mat for hot yoga, sweatier workouts, floor exercise, stretching, pilates, restorative yoga and more. The suede surface prevents sweart from pooling so you don't need a towel to cover your mat. It's a mat and towel all in one! 


It is 4 mm thick with a natural rubber base that provides comfort. This mat is super easy to clean and care for: simply hose it down or hand wash it. 


Plus, it is free from nasties: no heavy metals, PVCx, latex, plasticisers and other harsh chemicals. Love for the environment and yourself in one!

Sacred Microfiber Yoga Mat

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